Pug Puppies For Adoption

Pug Puppy

Pug Puppies For Adoption

Pug Puppy

About Pug Puppies

The Pug is a sturdy little dog whose origins can be traced back to China. It was a favorite pet of Chinese Emperors and European royalty after traders brought the breed back to Europe around the 16th century. The pleasant disposition of Pugs make them a great choice for families, even those with children. As with all dogs however, training is imperative to a well adjusted pet.

Pug Breed Characteristics

The Pug personality.

Every dog has their own personality, but the breed exhibits some common traits which define it as uniquely Pug. According to The Pug Dog Club of America “there is definite Pug behavior that one sees over and again, generation after generation. Pugs are extremely friendly and uninhibited…Pugs are delightful, comical little characters.”

Do Pugs need a lot of Grooming?

The Pug is known to have an undemanding coat, easily kept clean. In fact, the Pug is often revered as a “naturally clean” dog. Their fur should be fine, soft, and short; requiring no professional grooming.

The most common color and marking is the fawn body with a black mask. The American Kennel Club recognizes both the Fawn and Black body as the official standard for the breed. However, other notable colors include Apricot and Silver. All Pugs have dark eyes, and owners should be careful to select the Pug puppies with clean and clear eyes, to avoid future health concerns.

Pugs For Sale

Do Pugs need a lot of exercise?

The powerful and compact little Pug is surprising mobile and active for its stocky build. Most Pugs weigh in around 17 pounds, and stand less than a foot tall The breed does well with daily walks, but is not demanding of its owner like other highly active breeds. Due to its relatively small stature, the Pug does not require much space for exercise, making it an ideal breed for apartment living.

Are Pugs good family dogs?

Are Pugs good with kids and other pets?

The Pug makes a wonderful family pet and is known to do well with children. The even disposition and temperament make it an ideal family companion. The breed is extremely friendly, good-natured, and social. Expect your Pug to eagerly greet visitors and guest, not discriminating against laps to cuddle in or faces to lick.

As with all dogs, obedience training will dictate how well a Pug puppy interacts with children and other pets. Understanding the pack mentality of dogs will lead to a happy, healthy, strong, and rewarding dog ownership experience. Contact Hello Puppies to learn more about training.

Pug Puppies For Adoption

If you’re considering adding a Pug puppy to your pack, take our Perfect Puppy Quiz to make sure the Pug is a good fit for your lifestyle.

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