About French Bulldogs

About French Bulldogs

About French Bulldog Puppies for Adoption

Often referred to simply as “Frenchies,” French Bulldogs were first bred in the 1800s in France. Now these playful and affectionate canines are sold and raised in homes around the world, making excellent pets for men, women and children.

A Brief History
As a direct descendant of English Bulldogs, the French Bulldog breed was developed during the Industrial Revolution in France. These dogs were selected based largely on their smaller size and relatively docile temperament, two characteristics that made them popular with the upper class Wealthy American travelers soon noticed these majestic beasts, and they were adopted and transplanted to the United States as well.

Physical Description
Smaller than its English Bulldog ancestors, Frenchies appear active and muscular with a shoulder height of approximately 12 inches and a weight of 19-28 pounds. The short legs and tails, combined with the dogs’ barrel chests, give the appearance of hard, dense bodies, although these are very active canines. French Bulldogs also have very wide heads with distinctively pointed ears, sometimes referred to as bat ears, that make these dogs seem to be constantly at attention.

Most Frenchies exhibit a fine, short coat that can be fawn, white or brindle in color. Brindle is the most common French Bulldog pattern. They can vary greatly in the amount of each of these colors on the dogs, leading to a lot of diversity in appearance. This coat is generally smooth and shiny, also contributing to the dog’s athletic appearance, although the breed’s skin is generally soft and loose, forming wrinkles.

Considered a companion breed, French Bulldogs prefer and often need frequent close contact with humans in order to remain pleasant and thriving. Despite appearing to require extensive amounts of exercise, most Frenchies are content with a single daily walk. Their bulk and stout bodies on short legs do make these dogs prone to overheating on hot and humid days, leading to heatstroke, and most do not swim well.

Overall Temperament
Because they yearn for human interaction, Frenchies are generally very sweet dogs that rarely bark. These occasional outbursts generally happen when the dogs need to draw attention or need to voice their unhappiness with something. This easy-going attitude makes French Bulldogs patient, affectionate and good around children. They are also able to live with and interact with other breeds of dogs when properly introduced.

Their uncomplicated personalities allow Frenchies to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds, and they their sensitivity to their owners helps them pick up many verbal commands. They are especially in tune with the tone of their owners’ voices, so providing clear verbal clues leads to quick training for these dogs. Despite the seemingly sour faces of these bulldogs, Frenchies are generally happy, alert and playful.

Health and Care
The easy-going and happy personalities of French Bulldogs make them very easy to raise as pets. Their small size helps make cleaning and travel simple, and most Frenchies do not mind being cleaned because they are receiving individualized attention throughout the process. Their smashed noses and many facial folds may trap soap and water, however, so special care must be paid to these wrinkles during the cleaning process.

These canines do experience shedding during parts of the year, but using a rubber brush has been shown to remove dead hairs effectively. In addition, lotion can be applied to the facial and tail wrinkles of French Bulldogs to help keep the folds clean and smooth. With an average lifespan of 8-12 years, Frenchies are sure to spend a long time loving their families.

Perfect for new and experienced dog owners, the French Bulldog also makes an excellent pet for families with children or other animals in the home. Consider purchasing this unusual and intelligent breed of dog for you family.

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