About English Mastiff Puppies for Adoption

English Mastiff

About English Mastiff Puppies for Adoption

English Mastiff

English Mastiff puppies enjoy a noble history that extends back to the period of ancient Rome. They played a role in the gladiator arenas, and the Roman military even used them during periods of war. The English Mastiff appeared on the North American continent in the 1800s, and they were valued for their loyalty and protective nature. The English Mastiff has become a permanent part of American culture, and this dog appears in favorite cartoons and as a sports mascot.

The typical lifespan of English Mastiff is about one decade, but there are many steps owners can take to ensure the most extended life possible. For example, it is essential to feed every English Mastiff puppy nutritious food during their developmental years. This will create the foundation for a long and healthy life. The Mastiff is an amiable dog, and this breed responds well to people who offer respect and love. Consistency is also critical because English Mastiff puppies will develop according to how they are treated during these early years.

The Appearance of English Mastiff Puppies

The grown English Mastiff is a large dog with a formidable presence. English Mastiff puppies display many of these same traits even before they mature. For example, the wrinkled muzzle and square-shaped head give it a unique appearance that is both endearing and lovable. Also, the front legs are usually separated by a significant amount of space, and this makes the dog appear slightly bowlegged. However, the wide distance between the legs is also a highly distinctive trait for the English Mastiff, and it creates a visual aesthetic that is virtually impossible to forget.

All of these features also appear in miniature form on Mastiff puppies, who tend to look older than their age because of the prominence of folded wrinkles on their face. The color of the overall fur coat may differ from one dog to another; however, one of the most easily recognizable features on the English Mastiff is the consistently black ears, nose, and muzzle.

Color and Size

English Mastiff puppies can be expected to grow to a large size, and some of these dogs will exceed 300 pounds. However, most of them will weigh between 200 and 250 pounds. Most of these dogs will grow to be around 27 to 30 inches as measured by the height of their shoulder. The fur generally oscillates between apricot and deep fawn color.

Some English Mastiff puppies will have evenly spread colors across the length of their coat, and others may display spots and patches. Other colors are possible, yet they are less common than the ones previously mentioned. For example, some Mastiff puppies will display sleek coats of black, brown and yellow. All English Mastiff puppies have short hair that does not require excessive amounts of maintenance.

Personality and Disposition

These puppies may grow into massive dogs, but they will require only a moderate amount of exercise. The average yard size can meet most of their requirements in a typical home. During the formative period when Mastiff dogs are still puppies, most living quarters will be sufficient to meet their basic needs. In addition, the English Mastiff prefers moderate temperatures, and hot weather generally does not agree with their disposition.

Even during the first years of life, the English Mastiff puppy displays a strong and confident attitude. However, the Mastiff is known to have a friendly and gentle manner. This can change if an intruder approaches, and the English Mastiff is known to be highly protective of its territory. However, the personality of the Mastiff puppy can be molded and developed during the formative years to maintain a friendly attitude towards young kids and other animals. They are highly revered as family pets, and Mastiff puppies will add happiness to any home.

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