About English Bulldogs Puppies For Adoption


About English Bulldogs Puppies For Adoption

About English Bulldog Puppies

The English bulldog, referred to as the bulldog by the American Kennel Club, was initially bred in the United Kingdom for the sport of bull-baiting. The game was prohibited in 1835, and the days of the bulldog seemed numbered. However, English bulldog fanciers felt that preservation of the breed was worthwhile, and they tasked themselves to breeding a gentler, less ferocious bulldog. In a relatively short time, these rescue partners had produced a bulldog that lacked the savagery of its ancestors while preserving the breed’s more admirable traits.

Modern English bulldogs are courageous without being aggressive or vicious. The average bulldog gets along very well with other pets and children but may have problems with strange dogs. As a breed, they are patient, calm and friendly. They often become so bonded to their human family and home that they refuse to leave the yard unless accompanied by a human.

Under standards, adult male bulldogs should weigh around 50 pounds and females approximately 40 pounds. They are generally between 12 and 15 inches in height. However, judges look for a specimen whose skull circumference measured in front of the bulldog’s ears is at least equal to height.

Breed Characteristics

English bulldogs are wide-shouldered, thick-set and have a low center of gravity. Their gait is something of a shuffle, having a sidewise rolling action. The most striking feature, however, is the face and head. These areas are deeply wrinkled and covered in loose skin — the bulldog’s pendulous chops completely overhand the bottom jaws. These facial features give the English bulldog the unusual appearance that is associated with the breed in the minds of many people and exemplified in cartoons and animated films.

Bulldogs have a short, straight coat that features a fine texture and glossy appearance. Various colors are to be found, but the prefers red brindles, followed by all other shades of brindles. These are followed by a solid white, fawn, red or fallow. A piebald is also acceptable. The considers a solid black bulldog as highly undesirable. However, the nose should be black, and the can disqualify a bulldog with a liver-colored or brown nose. Bulldogs have naturally short tails that can be straight or corkscrewed, but they should never be curly or curved.

Do Bulldogs need a lot of exercise?

Although most bulldogs would rather nap in a human’s lap than fetch, they need exercise every day. They can become overweight if allowed to remain inactive, which not only places a strain on the joints but also can cause problems with the dog’s lungs and heart. However, Bulldogs have trouble keeping cool during hot weather, so owners must practice caution when exercising their bulldogs during the summer and ensure that adequate water and shade are available.

Bulldogs are typically quite amiable and cheerful, despite a face often described as having a sour appearance. They are docile, good-natured and willing — although usually not desperate — to please. They are excellent companion dogs because they enjoy the presence of humans and are slow-moving, mellow and sedate. However, owners should not expect their bulldogs to be able to walk a great distance, go jogging with them or make any significant jumps, and most members of this breed cannot swim.

The bulldog’s short coat needs only minimal care, but attention must be paid to the facial wrinkles. Unless these wrinkles are cleaned every day and kept dry, the dog can develop a form of dermatitis that can annoy the dog (at best) and become quite painful.

Are Bulldogs good family dogs?

Bulldogs are not especially protective of their surroundings, so they are not ideal guard dogs although their love for their human family can drive them to intervene if circumstances require it. They are easy to train, very affectionate and typically friendly towards strangers. Despite a somewhat fierce appearance, English bulldogs are good with children and frequently exhibit extreme patience with youngsters.

To maximize the bonding between pet and human, it is typically best to purchase an English bulldog puppy. After a proper introduction, bulldogs often seem to consider themselves a member of the family. Regardless of the ages of the children, English bulldogs will enjoy their company.

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