About Beagle Puppies For Adoption


About Beagle Puppies For Adoption

Beagle Puppies: Traits and Habits

The beagle is a favorite family dog, and it is an ideal companion for families with energetic young people who enjoy a lot of outdoor activities. Beagles are known for their small stature and musical bark. The beagle is considered to be a very healthy breed, so it is unusual to encounter one with health problems. The grown beagle is often employed as a hunting and tracking dog, and it has been used by detectives and other law enforcement personnel to sniff containers for prohibited substances.

Activities and Personality

Beagle puppies are full of antics, and they are valued for their fun and energetic personalities. Even while they are young, beagle puppies have an unusually keen sense of smell. This is a positive trait for owner’s who enjoy going outdoors, hunting and vacationing. Beagles puppies love to run in wide open places, and they often greet strangers with the same warmth as they extend to close family members. The overall demeanor of the beagle puppy is one of friendly engagement, and they have been known to elevate the mood of many people they encounter.

Beagle puppies have personalities that are:

• Friendly
• Energetic
• Alert
• Active
• Sociable

History of the Beagle

The beagle’s highly developed sense of smell has been valued for many centuries. Beagles have been used in England as far back as the 1300s, and they were trained to hunt for small game. They were also brought to America where their keen hunting skills were widely admired. Today, families can enjoy throwing a stick or Frisbee to beagle puppies in many parks and recreational areas across the country.

The modern beagle closely resembles the foxhound. However, the beagle has shorter legs than the foxhound when measured in proportion to the body. The small stature of the beagle belies its agility and speed. This dog was conditioned to hunt, and the beagle’s deep instincts for tracking and catching prey is still intact to this very day. The beagle is also very curious, so it is common to see the dog looking around for something it detects by smell. This can be beneficial if there is a dead animal out of the line of human sight. The beagle would be able to locate the offensive odor for the humans to remove it.

Qualities and Characteristics

Beagles tend to have friendly personalities, and they make fine companions for children. They are small and light dogs, and the average beagle will have a shoulder height of fewer than 17 inches. Most beagles weigh under 25 pounds even after they are fully grown. The beagle has attractive facial features, and the deep-set eyes and soft, square-shaped muzzle are inviting and adorable. Beagles tend to have multiple tones on their fur coat, and the most common color combination is white, brown and black. However, many variations are possible, and they may include red, orange and even yellow.

Common Habits

The beagle is an inquisitive dog with a keen sense of smell, so it is common for the dog to sniff around during a daily walk. The bright and cheerful demeanor is highly desirable for people who enjoy socializing with others while walking the dog. The beagle displays many antics, which are amusing for adults and children alike. Although the dog is small enough to be hugged by young children, it also behaves in the manner of a fully grown hunter, and this is an amusing combination.

Most people agree that the beagle is an ideal choice as a family pet. It is intensely loyal to its companions, and it has plenty of energy. The beagle can be trained to detect certain types of odors, and this can come in handy for individuals who need to locate items or objects by smell. Because of the beagle’s lively personality, many people choose this dog as a close, long-term friend. Beagle puppies are cute, and they will grow up to be loyal and loving companions.

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