About Akita Puppies For Adoption

About Akita Puppies For Adoption

Akita Puppies for Adoption Akita puppies can make an excellent addition to families with small children and senior citizens. They have a charming and gentle demeanor, yet their alert and active eyes convey their desire to protect. They are extremely loyal to members of their immediate family, so it may take some consistent exposure to get them used to the presence of new people. They respond to strangers in an instinctive manner, and their tendency to protect their territory is palpable. However, they are very gentle and devoted to the people that they were exposed to during their formative years. Akita puppies can make excellent companions because they will bond closely with the people closest to them.

The History of Akita Puppies

Akita puppies come from Japan, and they have several other names. They may be called Akita Inu, Shishi Inu or simply the Japanese Akita. Every Akita puppy shares a common link to a specific history. The breed narrowly survived the ravages of World War I. Many Akita dogs were bred with German Shepherds in order to maintain the species during a brief period when all Akita dogs were killed without reservation. The survival of the Akita species is remarkable, and having one of them around can provoke interesting conversations between family and friends.

Social Habits

Akita puppies will become friendly with almost everyone they are exposed to during their developmental years. They are vivacious as young puppies, and they maintain this level of energy into their adult years. The mature Akita is a powerful animal, yet the warmth developed during early socialization can be maintained well into adulthood. Because of their unique history, Akita puppies rarely develop the tendency to form into packs with other dogs. They generally perform better in pairs than in groups, and they tend to display adversity towards members of the same sex.

Akita dogs are known to be very territorial, so strangers may have to interact with them for a while before the friendliest side of their nature emerges. Akita puppies can be socialized to interact successfully with small children, but they will start to perceive newcomers as strangers after a certain age. It is important to expose Akita puppies to everyone within the immediate family circle as soon as possible after they are brought into the household.

Appearance and Manners

Every Akita puppy will grow an elegant coat of fur with a full and dignified curl in the tail. This breed is conditioned to withstand the cold elements, and their thick bones and full coats assist in maintaining their body temperature during harsh winter conditions. Some breeds have long coats, but most Akita puppies will grow standard coat lengths. These are the coats that are accepted on showroom floors, and the puppies with long coats are considered to have a genetic anomaly.

Akita puppies will grow to around 26 inches by the time they are fully grown. Female Akita dogs range between 24 to 26 inches, and male Akita dogs can grow to be as large as 28 inches at the shoulder. The weight of the fully grown Akita dog will range between 70 to 130 pounds. There are many different colors of fur for this breed. Akita puppies may display solid colors including white, black and pinto. They may also have several combinations of these color shades, and their fur patterns may appear with or without spots.

Most Akita puppies are very active, and they thrive in environments that give them ample room to run and play. These dogs are very smart, so it is beneficial to have some familiarity with their needs well in advance of welcoming them into the home. They quickly bond with people they are exposed to early in life, so it is important to socialize with every Akita puppy as soon as possible. They have courageous and devoted personalities, which effortlessly warm any home and make life a little more pleasant. Consider bringing an Akita puppy home today.

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